Tuesday, December 29, 2009

International, Poverty, Justice, and Health Student Elective: Medical Schools Still Care

Two weeks for Christmas Break and we will be back to school. I thought I would take an opportunity to explain what the International, Poverty, Justice, and Health Elective (IPJH) is all about. The elective is a way for students at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine to continue pursuing justice among the impoverished and medically underserved populations domestically and abroad. Our main focus throughout the year is to be involved with the people in and around Cincinnati. There a four sub groups within the elective for homelessness, women's health, Latino population, and childhood obesity. I currently serve on the homelessness committee.

In the homeless committee we sort of contain the category of "other" and we take care of anything that does not quite fit into the mold of the other three. Currently, we have random activities throughout the year, and because we are relatively new to the UC campus we are trying gain a presence by becoming involved in a variety of different areas. There are many opportunities to serve the homeless and there is a lot of space  for new ideas.


CCLCM Student said...

Hi Colin,

By all means, feel free to link me. I'm going to link your blog, too. You have a lot of great resources for preclinical students. Good luck with school!

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