Friday, September 10, 2010

Stories from the Summer: The Flag

Twice a day everything  on Fort Sam slowed to a halt. Cars would stop driving and pull over to the side, people would stop running, and each soldier would turn to the south, stand at attention, and salute the flag. The procedure for this was outlined very specific with specific bugle calls. I am sure there were some that found this an annoyance, but for me it was a time to remember who I was, why I was there, and those who had come before me.

"The Soldiers Creed"

I am an American Soldier.
I am a Warrior and a member of a team. I serve the people of the United States and live the Army Values.
I will always place the mission first.
I will never accept defeat.
I will never quit.
I will never leave a fallen comrade.
I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills. I always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself.
I am an expert and I am a professional.
I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat.
I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.
I am an American Soldier.