Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh the Horror of Block One Exams

We sat waiting to enter the exam as R.E.M.'s "...It's the end of the world as we know it... And I feel fine..." Blared from my computer. Just a little something to the ominous atmosphere in front of the auditorium.

Medical school exams were very different in contrast to undergrad. Not only do you need to remember the information presented in class but also proper exam procedures. And the kicker is each exam has different rules, rooms, and times. No two exams are a like, but they are finally over. Some went better than others, but on the whole I am still a medical student which is the important thing. They did a really good job of spreading them out so to ease us into the exam process of medical school so that we had at least one day off in between exams.

We hit the ground running on monday with Block 2: Cardiac and Respiratory systems. The way the curriculum is set up at UC is in a block system, but instead of class blocks like histology and anatomy, we have organ or system blocks. So we learn all about the heart i.e. anatomy, embryology, physiology, histology, and clinical aspects of heart and blood vessel diseases. This is one of the reasons I chose to apply to UC is their curriculum which very few schools in the US use.

One aspect of medical school I did not anticipate was the need to adjust quickly to new instructors. I found with each new instructor I have had to adjust my note taking or use the powerpoint slides versus textbooks or just listening to the recordings. I have to be more attentive and observant with each professors teaching styles.

All in all school is going very well. I am enjoying every aspect of it including taking exams. Thanks for reading.

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