Monday, October 12, 2009

Medvouc Update 2

Since my first time at Medvouc I can tell a large difference not only in my patient interview but also in my diagnostic and treatment ability. While there is always a doctor looking over my shoulder, I give the physician my diagnosis and treatment plan of the patient.

The first bridge that I had to cross was the lack of confidence in my decision. There is a mental block that seems to be in my mind that I am not allowed to make major treatment calls or a diagnosis from my days as an EMT in the emergency room. The last physician who was with us wanted us to be able to present the patient very systematically. The patient's name, age, chief complaint, physical exam findings, diagnosis, and treatment all needed to be ready. And after all that work done he expected to tell us, "No, here is what we will do instead."

One of the things I have appreciated about UC is the opportunities they provide to get to know the medical profession from many different aspects. From shadowing doctors in the ER to working at Medvouc, they give you ample time to crossing the gap that separates the textbooks from the clinic.

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