Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Multiple Mini Interview: Interview Speed Dating

I Apologize in advance for the typos and general poor writing, but I wanted to get this post out for some of you who are  interviewing in a few weeks.

So many people are curious about the MMI. DO NOT FEAR THE MMI. This was the most enjoyable interview experience I had from four different schools. If you like talking and acting this is the interview system for you.

The Do's...
  • Be yourself
  • speak clearly and authoritatively
  • Generally state answers in the positive and use the sandwich criticism paradigm
  • use the lower register of your voice ( not as important)
  • have fun with it
  • make eye contact
  • speak slowly
  • stick to your story
  • Stay calm
  • speak with authority and confidence
  • humble and ready to learn
The Don'ts...

  • do not fear, interviewers can smell fear
  • mumbling
  • Studying current event news articles (almost completely useless)
  • stress
  • to absolute in your statements
How to prepare...
It is important to note again do not stress over this, stay calm at all times, and speak clearly. To practice the formulation of ideas get together with some of your premed friends, find an article that is interesting and controversial, and discuss it together without previously researching or thinking about the ideas presented. This is to help you think quickly and efficiently and to help you formulate ideas clearly and efficiently. I know this sounds stupid but an improv acting class would be your best benefit.

The knowledge of the case or situation is not important and your position on issues matters very little. What is important is articulation of ideas. A good idea poorly articulated will be recognized by no one, but a mediocre idea presented with confidence will general be accepted. Remember this is to be an indicator of your third and fourth year scores which is not only based on test performance but patient interactions and clinical abilities.


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