Tuesday, September 8, 2009

From Storms to Steeples: Finding a Church in Cincinnati

When I moved to New Orleans, I knew no one, had no contacts, or any sort of safety net to rely on. So when I was told I had to evacuate for Hurricane Gustav my plan was to drive north until I was out of the path of the storm. But my parents put me in touch with some doctor friends of theirs in Baton Rouge just a few hours away. While it was still in the path of the Hurricane it was outside of the flood zone of the New Orleans levies. The Hurricane hit for about two days. There was sustained winds of 63 mph and gusts of 90 mph, and was named the worst hurricane to hit Baton Rouge on record.

 These first few weeks in Cincinnati have been a stark contrast to the beginnings of my New Orleans adventure. Not only did I have an old friend already established in the city, but once again the people of the midwest proved to be some of the most welcoming I have experienced. I found it was easy to build friendships with my classmates, doctors, and professors in the area.

In contrast to my first few years in Minnesota, I was able to find a good church almost immediately through my friend. In Minnesota I went to Bethlehem Baptist for one semester and then spent the next two semesters church hopping and never really settling down to build relationships. I was constantly looking for a place that would be a better fit. Not being able to find a comparison to the teaching of the word by John Piper's, I finally settled back at Bethlehem for my remaining years in Minneapolis. In Cincinnati I decided to find a church and stick with it, and after the warm reception I received at Faith Presbyterian, I decided I would make it my home church while I attend medical school.

Faith Pres is an ideal place for me to attend church. There are several doctors from UC that attend there as well as musicians attending the conservatory. I even met a man who was in the 101st Airborne division in the Army during the Korean War and the beginning of Vietnam. There are several generations of people worshipping together, and the affects the gospel are apparent in the lives of the members.


Elisabeth said...

It's encouraging to hear you have found a good church. We're in the process of finding a new church and it seems a bit daunting.

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Kimberly said...

As a Christian who is applying to medical school this summer, thank you for keeping this informative blog. I graduated from Carleton College, and coincidentally, I attended Bethlehem Baptist and currently live in Baton Rouge. God Bless!