Friday, August 21, 2009

The Whirl Wind of Orientation

I assume orientation at the UCCOM is similar to any other medical school with a few exceptions. We listened to speakers about financial aid, learned about professionalism, the professors told us what was academically required of us, and almost everyone, at some point, has given us the eleventh and final commandment: "DON'T FALL BEHIND!" I think were my experience differs with most other is on two points: the "Tell Me Your Story" Program and the drafting of our class oath (posted below).
"Tell Me Your Story" is an especially enjoyable program where the medical student talk to our elders in a retirement community about how medicine has changed, dealing with death and dying, and there general experience with medicine. The goal is to attempt to bring back some of the good things that have been lost in medicine and continue practice which are beneficial to the community.
I was had the opportunity to be apart of the drafting of an oath that we took that is in place of the Hippocratic Oath. One person was selected from each Clinical Foundations small group to help draft the document that we would all say at the white coat ceremony. In my small group the professor realizing that no one really wanted to do it for fear of the endless debates on semantics and phrasings. So the professor promptly said, "Who votes that the person who was accepted our class last has to do it." Well, it was unanimous. However there fears were unfounded and I actually had a pretty good time writing and met some really great people too. Even the second year person student helping out said that it went much smoother than she expected.
Well I was caught up in a whirl wind and finally set down again for the first week of classes, but I will save that for later. A copy of our class oath is below if you are interested.
UCCOM Class of 2013 Oath of Professionalism:
In the presence of my family, friends, faculty and staff, I hereby swear to hold myself and my peers accountable to the content and spirit of this oath. As I embark upon my study of medicine at the University of Cincinnati, I will act ethically and with professional integrity toward my peers, my instructors, my patients and the community; I will
Strive to treat all people equally, to create relationships built on trust and to maintain the dignity of all people.
Be an advocate for social justice, regarding the needs of others first.
Commit myself to service as a leader, recognizing that this will require me to exercise patience, listen diligently, communicate effectively, and work cooperatively.
Act not only with confidence but also with humility, acknowledging my limitations and those of medicine, while honestly presenting myself and my abilities.
Seek aid from others in times of need and, through continuous reflection, learn from both my patients and from previous experiences.
Be a lifelong student and teacher, expanding not only my own understanding, but that of my colleagues, patients and community.
Pursue knowledge and wisdom relentlessly, adhering to and building on the contributions of my predecessors to enhance my competence as a physician and advance the field of medicine.
Avoid selfishness and apathy, maintaining my humanity, empathy and concern for quality of life.
As I strive to fulfill this oath, I will remain grounded in my core values and identity. Driven by my passion to practice medicine, I will preserve a balance between my personal and professional endeavors, seeking fulfillment by selflessly caring for others.

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Hi Colin,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Best of luck and have a good time studying medicine at the U of Cincinnati. Looking forward to reading about your experiences.