Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How it all came apart and then fell together

For about three years I had been applying to medical school. I had the medical experience, the grades, and I even received a masters degree from Tulane University, but I still did not have the allusive yes. I had recently applied for and received a military scholarship for four years of medical school, which was dependent on a letter of admittance. After July 10th rolled along, I had lost hope. My army scholarship was given away, I still had not received word from any school I was wait-listed with, and I had just finished all of my secondary applications for the coming application cycle. I even studied for and retook the MCAT, hoping a boost in score would give me a boost in chances.
On Friday, August 7, 2009, I received a phone call from the Dean of Admissions at the University of Cincinnati. And the conversation ensued as follows:
Dean: "So Colin, you know how there is always those last minute students admitted to medical school. Well, you are one of them. I tried calling several times and this was my last try. I was ready to move on to the next person on the list."
Me: "You are joking, this cannot be real."
Dean: "Oh No, this is for real, I am serious. Can you be here for orientation on Monday?"
Me: "Can I have twenty minutes to think about it?"
Dean: "Can you make it ten?"
Me: "Sure."
after five minutes of jumping up and down, a cart wheel, and a phone call to my parents, I called him back Immediately and said yes.
So I had approximately 48 hours to pack up what I would need for orientation, buy some new clothes, and get a hair cut. Spent the last bit of my time that night calling everyone in my phone book, spoke with financial aid, and looked for a place to live.
On Sunday, I loaded up my car and left for Cincinnati with $1.87 in my pocket which I promptly used to buy a Dr. Pepper. I did not know if I could get my scholarship back or get the money in time to live in an apartment, but I stepped out in faith, walking faithfully to my destination, Medical School. It finally happened after years of applications, tests, and research I was on my way.
I did not have a particularly good experience in the south. I think it was the transplantation of a cold loving, snow enthusiast to the hot, desolately humid, and oppressive air of the the gulf stream. Combine that with a hurricane evacuation and if the theory of first impressions are true Louisiana an I will not be able to be friends.
Cincinnati, on the other hand, was an amazing first day. I like the city, the people, and I enjoy all of my classmates. Not only did I have a good friend that I hadn't seen in a while put me up for a night on his couch but I also was able to find a good house to live on the first day, get some groceries, and even manage to show up for orientation.
On Tuesday, After a particularly difficult and terrifying financial aid session I received a phone call from my Army recruiter, and he said, "Colin, we are going to give you a four year scholarship." At this point I was only expecting a 3 year or 3 1/2 year at most, but a four year scholarship was unthinkable.
This whole week was better than I could have imagined, and even more, a huge answer to prayer. I know many of you have been praying for a long time for this to happen and this triumph does not just belong to me but all those who have helped read essays, carry the financial burden, helped me study, and the endless amounts of prayer throughout the years. I am now a medical student.


Mary-Katherine said...

Congratulations, Colin! I'm so glad to hear that you got in!

jenny said...

Wow, Colin! Had no idea you were going through all of this. Praise the Lord for His goodness!

sarah bess said...

Colin, I'm a blog-friend of your mom's. Followed the link from her facebook site. Just wanted to say, "Praise the Lord!" and also commend you for what seems like an amazing amount of hard work toward that goal. May the favor continue!

Lou Ann said...

Dad and I are kind of glad we did not know some of these details until we read the blog like "this was the third call"...keep your phone charged and on! But all in all it speaks of what we always believed, that no matter the obstacles, the timing of med school would be in God's perfect timining and place. Remember what Beverly said at church? God is bigger than the obstacles. We are still overwhelmed and so thankful to the Lord.

Katie said...

Isn't God's timing amazing?! He's plans are not ours, but so much better. This is not the end of the obstacles, but God's faithfulness will continue. Congratulations Colin!

Jenny said...

So cool to read the follow up from your (understandably) ecstatic phone call!

marry said...

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