Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Learning by Doing: Medvouc and the ER

Learning in the classroom gets boring, but listening to a lecturer drone on about the creatinine levels in the urine and plasma is a lot more enjoyable after I have seen the application. Knowledge has been sinking in and while I still know next to nothing connections are being made for the reasons to learn about the minute details of any number of physiological concepts.

I was given the pleasure of being able to shadow in the ER and although I worked in the Emergency Department at Fairview hospital it was nice to see things from the perspective of a doctor. I experienced a small piece of the end goal of medical school that is the practice of medicine and caring for patients.

Last night I participated in Medvouc once again and this time I not only was able to present my patients in a clear and concise manner but I was also to make a few diagnosis, with the help of the doctor, and devise my own treatment plan for each patient. One patient in particular was especially interesting to me. After having just finished the cardio block I was able to diagnose a Mitral valve prolapse/Mitral valve regurgitation through auscultation, patient history, and vital signs.

I did not realize when I started that I would be able to diagnose and treat minor patients this quickly. I still have a lot to learn, but the little clinical experiences along the way help me to plow through the mundane reactions of biochemistry.

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